Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hekratos B.V has taken the step into providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to stop/slow the spread of this virus. Our manufacturers are state licensed and therefore deliver only tested products that adhere to the international standards required for such equipment ! Because of the nature of the demand and the necessary controlled distribution within each country, only bulk buyers and other strategic buyers who have the supply chain to do so can order with us like government entities and distributors.

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Optimizing demand and supply

Hekratos B.V is a young Dutch based company, the main activity entails bringing demand and supply opportunities together. We do this by establishing a personal relationship with both our clients and suppliers worldwide, the products that we currently run are the fine Ecuadorian cut roses and Quality Shrimps and a co-developed HydraJet, this is an electrical water propulsion jet that can be mounted under any SUP board. These are currently our concrete products. In the near future we will present more exiting deals and products.

Ecuadorian Roses

Ecuadorian cur roses are famous of their size and long vase-live. We select the best farms where the roses are grown under the most ideal situation and with sustainability in mind.

Quality Shrimps

Ecuadorian cultivated shrimps are our next line of market specific product. Because of our personal quality supervision and supply chain involvement we can guarantee our customers a timely delivery according to the highest standard.


We developed a battery powered water propulsion jet engine that can be mounted under many SUP boards, this latest product is still under development and we have presented a prototype at the Dutch "HISWA te Water"

Some background

We can lean on many years of consulting experience, started within the IT business, supportng both private as governmental institutions. This experience comes together in Hekratos to be leveraged in international trade.


Years business-IT consulting