Our self designed product is the HydraJet®.

This torpedo like battery powered Jet can be used in many ways in the water, for fun and sports. It can be mounted under a SUP board to provide that extra nudge while paddling. It can also used to be mounted on a small inflatable boat to help to go ashore from your sailboat, without much or no paddling.

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PPE, 3-Ply and KN95 Masks

We supply large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment, like facemasks, directly from our manufacturer in China.

The COVID-19 pandemic has a global social impact in many parts of the world. To be ready for the demand of PPE suplies, we have started a Joint Venture with one of the largest manufacturers in China for these products.

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5 function Hopsital bed

This modern hospital bed has an X-Ray radio-translucent bed platform.

Directly delivered from our partner's factory.

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Aluminum Alloy Ambulance Stretcher

Made of of high-strength aluminum alloy.

Lightweight and strong high quality ambulance stretcher.

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We introduce this in-house developed brand ZAYRON® for men/women clothing line. This style is very much liked by contemporary youth in particular. We develop this line in two fabric types :
a) Regular cotton.
b) Stab/cut resistant fabric, protecting you against sharp objects.

This line of apparel consists out of shirts,hoodies,pants and so on.

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